Working in The UK is no longer A Dream!

The UK has attracted many people from all over the world. Each year, it becomes a home for a lot of people. There is a lot to talk about the English land because of the multiple opportunities it offers.

Unlock Exciting Career Opportunities in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been a welcoming destination for skilled workers, offering great job opportunities across various industries. At Access2fly, we provide comprehensive services to assist you in obtaining your UK work permit and kickstart your career in the UK. Our skilled consultants specialize in guiding you through the application process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience.

Skilled Worker Visa for the UK

The UK encourages qualified individuals to work in the country through the Skilled Worker Visa program. As per the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List, eligible candidates can apply for long-term work opportunities in the UK. Our expert consultants can help you navigate the requirements and position yourself for a successful work permit application.

Are You Eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa?

Wondering if you meet the eligibility criteria for a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK? Our team can assess your qualifications and guide you through the process. Key factors include sponsorship from an employer, English language proficiency, meeting salary criteria, and demonstrating sufficient funds for maintenance.

How to Apply for a UK Work Visa?

Applying for a UK work visa requires a systematic approach. Our consultants will assist you in every step of the application process:

  1. Secure a job offer from an employer that qualifies under the UK Shortage Occupation List.
  2. Meet English language proficiency requirements, which can be proven through various documents.
  3. Apply for the skilled worker visa within 90 days of your joining date, ensuring you have all the necessary and valid documents.

Supporting Documents Made Easy

Leave the documentation process to our experts at Access2fly. We handle:

  • Preparation and submission of documents
  • Legitimate employer’s Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Pay and financial information
  • English proficiency certifications
  • Current passport
  • Certificate of No Conviction
  • Additional documentation required for a successful application

Our team ensures that all necessary supporting documents are organized, completed accurately, and submitted on time, relieving you of the burden and ensuring a smooth and successful application process.

Fees and Visa Processing Time

When applying for a skilled worker visa, it’s important to consider the fees involved. The application fee varies depending on the circumstances and the health surcharge fee is approximately £624 per year. The processing time for your UK work visa depends on the type of visa and the workload on the embassy. Our team will keep you informed and guide you through the waiting period.

Why Choose Access2fly?

  • Personalized Guidance: Our consultants understand your unique requirements and provide personalized guidance tailored to your needs.
  • Affordable Services: We believe that visa services should be accessible to all. Our services are designed to be affordable without compromising quality.
  • High Visa Approval Rates: Our success stories speak for themselves. We are dedicated to making your dream of working in the UK a reality.
  • Expert Consultants: Our team of skilled consultants has extensive knowledge and experience in UK work permit services.
  • Simplified Process: We simplify the application process, handling the complexities on your behalf so you can focus on your career aspirations.

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